I was wondering what all of you thought of the Table Analyzer feature included with Access? I first discovered it when preparing to teach a class on Access XP and it was in the first chapter of my instructor's manual... in the same spot where Database Planning & Normalization was in my Access 2000 manual.

At first I was dismayed that the new cirriculum for the new version didn't include Normalization, but when I tried the Table Analyzer, I was surprise that it seemed to work relatively well.

Being the purist that I am, however, I still taught Normalization to the class despite it not being in the book... (I also still code HTML and ASP by hand instead of using a WYSIWYG program).

My question to you all is this: Have you used the Table Analyzer, and if so, what do you think of it? Does it work well outside of a classroom environment?

Your thoughts will be appreciated.

Thank You!