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    Unanswered: Sql Mail Cant send query

    Gud day to all:
    I have a problem with sql mail. i can send ordinary text mail mail but iwhen i use the query parameter it gives me an error:
    "ODBC error 8198 (42000) Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user".
    Hope somebody can help me with this. thanks

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    Re: Sql Mail Cant send query

    Can you post the exact query. Look to me you trying to access network resource which requires NT authentication.

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    from Books Online:

    If query is specified, xp_sendmail logs in to SQL Server as a client and executes the specified query. SQL Mail makes a separate connection to SQL Server; it does not share the same connection as the original client connection issuing xp_sendmail.


    xp_sendmail runs in SQL Server's security context, which is a local administrator account by default. A valid user of xp_sendmail can access files for attachment to a mail message in an administrator's security context. If nonsystem administrator users must access xp_sendmail and you want to guard against unsecured access to attachment files, the system administrator can create a stored procedure that calls xp_sendmail and provides the needed functionality but does not expose the attachments parameter. This stored procedure must be defined in the master database. The system administrator then grants execute permission on the stored procedure to the necessary users without granting permission to the underlying xp_sendmail procedure.

    I suspect that your problem revolves around logging in to the SQL server to run the query. I think you need to check your Server Agent. Regardless, check your error logs for more info.
    Paul Young
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