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    Question Unanswered: GetAddress() bug in MS Exchange?

    I am trying to use GetAddress() from MS Word and it works fine with the local address book, but when I select an address in the MS Exchange global address book, I get a strange answer.

    All fields are empty except the last, that contains some text that are formatted: /o="Address Book name"/ou="Server name"/cn=Recipients/cn="Company name"/cn="Contact name"

    Have anyone else been in contact with this problem and know how to solve it?



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    Hi Charlie,

    thats not a bug - it's a feature ;-)

    The emailaddress you recieved is written in EX-format (X500).
    That is the mailaddress stored in the global addressbook

    I have the same problem. What we need is to resolve the EX-Adress into SMTP Format.

    But sorry - I still don't have any idea how to do this


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