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    Red face Unanswered: ORA-02049: timeout: distributed transaction waiting lock...

    Hi guys,

    I need your advice.

    I run some query:

    update TABLE_A a
    set a.CUSTOMER_TYPE = (select b.Customer_Type
    from TABLE_B b
    where a.KEY = b.KEY)
    where a.CUSTOMER_TYPE = ' '

    It returns Error Message:
    "ORA-02049: timeout: distributed transaction waiting lock..."

    What's the problem?
    Is it something wrong in my query?
    Do you know how to fix it?

    Any ideas appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    John Smith

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    Re: ORA-02049: timeout: distributed transaction waiting lock...

    It looks like TABLE_A is a synonym that points to a table in another database (TABLE_A@SOMEWHERE). And someone already has a lock on one of the rows you are trying to update, so you can't do it. I think all you can do is wait, then try again when hopefully the other user has committed.

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