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    Red face Unanswered: INstallation Problem


    I try to install MS SQL SERVER 2000 Entreprise Edition (free for 90 days) to initiate myself with SQL. I got error 1069 and I am unable to register. (Sql Server Registration Failure) .

    I am using Microsoft XP.
    I change my IIS to port 8080.

    Any other idea ... ???


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    From what I know.. Sql Server 2000 Enterprise can only run on Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server.

    Windows XP is making a Server program, but I forgot the actual name of it, but it'll be something to run SQL Server 2000 too.

    Developer Edition will run fine on it.
    The only main differences betwen developer and enterprise is that developer doesn't allow clustering, and i don't believe you can use dts to export data only.

    As long as you don't want to run a server, you can install the sql server 2000 tools to access and manipulate data on the sql servers. Thats what I have done. I just have a windows 2000 server running it, and i use xp to connect and manipulate its data.

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