Recently my full-text catalogs stopped populating. I tried to rebuild them, to recreate them, etc, but nothing helps. I looked at the win2k log files. It has the following warning messages whenever I try to populate catalogs:

1) The crawl for project <SQLServer$SQL2000 SQL0000700008> could not be started, because no crawl seeds could be accessed. Fix the errors and try the crawl again.

2)The crawl seed <MSSQL75://SQLServer/0a888742> in project <SQLServer$SQL2000 SQL0000700008> cannot be accessed. Error: 80004002 - No such interface supported

All these error messages are created by "Microsoft Search".

Here is some additional information:
I'm running MS SQL 2000 on Windows 2000 Server. I have Service Pack 3 installed for both win2k and mssql2000. The startup account for ms sql is "local account".

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?