I'm currently experiencing difficulties Querying a dB with Cognos Impromptu.

the type of search i'm looking for in Layman's term's is
"All ID's in TABLE_A that are not in TABLE_B"

working "SQL plus" example
"select ID_A
from TABLE_A
ID_A not in ( select ID_B from TABLE_B)"

In Impromptu after building the catalog, i'm using various filters.
ID_A not in ( ID_B )
ID_A is missing

this brings back nothing, where as SQL plus, with the above SQL example brings back proper results.
Impromptu only brings back results when the filters are:
ID_A in ( ID_B )
ID_A is not missing

Which is not what i'm looking for, it seems to only be able to bring back ID's that Exist in TABLE_B, and not bring back ID's From TABLE_A that do not exist in TABLE_B.

Any help would be much apprieciated, thank you in advance for your help.