I have an .html internet survey form that has resulted in approx. 100+
surveys returned so far.
When the survey was set up I had no knowledge of Access.

I'd like to now accomplish two things. I'd like to bring these 100+
surveys into an Access db.

And I'd also like to set up the online survey form so that it is more

How should I go about designing the db to accomplish both objectives?
There are 20 questions plus a 21st field for comments.
Would this be a one-table db or multiple tables?

How could I easily get the data into the db?

One big problem I have with the existing data is that when forms are
returned now, depending on the answer to various questions, certain
fields are dropped. So one survey response might have 40 fields,
another 44 fields etc.

All tips suggestions are welcome!

TIA Eric