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    Unanswered: Combing two fields in same table into combo box in another table/query

    OK, I am new to databases, and a friend and I are whipping up a database that will run our NCAA basketball pool online (so we need to get moving). Anyway, we have it set up as tables for each round with all the teams, a registration/login info table, and we want separate tables for each participants picks. So in the round 1 table is has user id then their selections for each game in that round. So for the next round, we want to have half as many fields with each having a combo box that will place 2 games from the previous round into one field. We have tried different queries, especially union queries which got us close, but it still is not right. Are there any suggestions out there to do this, or maybe setup differently. Thanks, please help.


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    I think your database structure is a bit off.

    You should not need a table for each round. You can simply store them in one table and differentiate them using a single field, with the round number.

    I've attached an example which should make things clearer. It has the following tables:

    • tblParticipant - Stores participant info
    • tblTeams - One record for each team
    • tblStadiums - One record for each stadium
    • tblResults - One record for each type of result: home win / away win / draw
    • tblFixtures - One record for each match: stores the ID of the home team, away team, stadium & final result (once completed)
    • tblSelections - One record for each selection: stores the ID of the fixture / participant / expected result.

    This is a 'normalised' database, and may seem confusing at first, as most tables only hold ID numbers and by themselves mean little.

    However once you begin to build queries with relations to extract the data, you'll find that a normalised database saves heaps of time in data entry and extraction.

    Hope this helps,
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