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    Unanswered: Paradox7/16 under W2k

    I hope I've not just missed reading the solution to my problem, as I notice this has been spoken about before. However here is a problem I'm currently grappling with;

    Application Paradox7/16, data stored on a Novell server, local Paradox application running either on W95, W98, W2k.

    Database app runs fine on W9*, on W2k however only database forms open ok (when any reference to tables removed) but tables fail to open with a message about being locked in pdoxusers.lck.

    Obvious solution run under W9* but not practical due to demands on individual PCs/organisation pollicies (I'm the developer but my PC has recently been replaced by my employer due to other problems I was having).

    Can anybody help me get going again?

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    You should control that all the stations use the same BDE NET file, and that this file is placed on a mapped drive (no UNC names, you should use exactly the same letter in every station, say N which should then contain a folder, which in turn will contain, something like that:


    Remember, all the stations the EXACT same path to .NET file.

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