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    Lightbulb Unanswered: RMAN and Backup/Rec. issues

    I'have a some what complex situation here that I need some thoughts on the best approach
    to use RMAN to back up my database. I have throughly exhausted all the possible scenarios and read
    throughly all the docs. but none seems to to be able to to fit what I would like to implement.
    Please let me know what your thoughts are on this issue.

    I have a terabyte size database which is very very INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE intensive as well as
    multiple bulk loads intensive during the day. Because of this, the database is not in archive
    mode due to the disk space that would be required for the archival logs. I put it archive mode
    couple of times but regardless of the size of the file system, I get into archival hanging
    scenarios. Bussiness decision says I we can't afford disks for archival purposes

    All the tables in the database except the control tables are partitioned and all the
    old partitioned tablespaces are in read only mode. The only tablespaces that are in
    read write at any particular time are those that contain the current partitions,
    rollbacks,system,temp,users. These partitions go as far back as 3 years.

    At the end of every month, the month's tablespaces are made read only.

    Due to the size of the database, backing it up to disk is out of the question because that
    would mean getting another 1 terabyte disk to hold the backups.
    I can afford to do backups once a week because if I happen to loose a weeks data, I can
    run the file to load the data agian. Those files that load the database are kept for a 2 weeks

    Recovery time is also very important. I can affford about 2 hours of down time.
    Assuming RMAN is my backup and recovery method and I do backup to tape.

    Assuming I have lost the entire database and all the disks are gone. I would like to restore
    the current partitions immediately and open the database for use. After that has being
    accomplished the restore the old partitions. This is because restoring all the database
    would take a long time which I can't afford so I would prefer to restore
    the current partitions immediately since that would take less time then later apply the
    older partitions.

    Assuming that you are faced with this described scenario,

    Is there any way I can use RMAN to recover the current partitions and bring the database
    up immediately for users to use, then later apply the old partitions?
    If yes please explain and also what you think the RMAN backup approach should look like.


    If RMAN can't handle this situation, what would you consider to be the best way to
    deal with this issue?

    All comments/critiques/questions are welcome

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