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    Unanswered: form that runs query

    Is there an easy way to create a form that selects data and then shows the results of a 'SELECT' query in the same form?

    I know how to add a sub-form to a form, but I'm having grey matter problems trying to setup my selection fields in the main form. I want the used to be able to click on a drop down, select the parameters i have built into a select query and then display the results in a window below.


    Mike Britt

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    one way:

    make a saved query containing the fields you hope to display

    make a form bound on that saved query

    in the header of the same form, add an unbound combo for each of the criteria you want your user to select.... use the wizard is easiest.

    in the criteria boxes of your saved query use the wizard to select the appropriate unbound combo from the header of your form.

    then decide if you are going to Requery in the _AfterUpdate event of every combo or add a button for the user to Requery when he's done selecting


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