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    Unanswered: working with SQL hosted remotely

    I have been working in Access but our database usage has grown so I have a hosted SQL database now. What is the best way to work with SQL remotely?

    I have created the database and exported my tables from my access database to the SQL database. I don't have a easy way of working with this database while it is in developement. Do I have to do everything by commands? How do make the tables have relationships?

    Would I be better off getting something like SQL Enterprise Manager or something like that?

    I feel lost! Help!

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    I would suggest getting something like "SQL Enterprise Manager" installed. This makes it easy to set any relations and edit anything to do with your tables, for the most part.

    I couldn't imagine living without my SQL GUI.

    Hopes this helps you out....peace!

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    If you can you should definetly go for the installation of Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer and Books Online. I cannot live without any of them and I woun't even emagine what it's like to administer and develop on a sql-server without these tools.
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    Lets go one further and suggest installing EVERYTHING (provided you have space) except the SQL Engine. The CD provides some code examples, help docs, and tools. You want it all.
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