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    Post Unanswered: link access xp from access 97

    Hi everybody!!!

    i really need some help to solve this one!!!

    actually we got some applications that works propertly in access XP, and also some users working with access 97. the 97 users wants to link the access XP tables, but we don't know how could it be, because we're getting some fatal errors!!! i think it's something about Jet Drivers!!!

    any idea?

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    please i really need help!!!

    im looking for other solutions. im trying to find a free tool like the TOAD for Oracle with support for Access 2002!!!

    Any ideas???

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Can't help you with the exact solution, but your intuition about jet drivers is right I guess.

    I've seen an app from Access 97 linking to A2000 tables through ODBC drivers. So I guess you will have to set up the Data Access parts of Office XP on your Office 97 machines.
    But,... I would not know the details how to do so. Will have to do with ADO en DAO things.


    Did some further queries, may have to do with data access files like mdac_typ26.exe or mdac_typ27.exe.
    Also look at microsoft-site for help at ADO and DAO design topics:

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