I have been granting execute permissions to Win2k user groups from code when I create stored procs using the following syntax:

grant exec on ProcName to [Domain\userGroup]

When I do this and then look at the Users list in Enterprise Manager, I notice under the Database Access column is listed "Via group membership"

When I add a user to the database through enterprise manager (by clicking the new button on the toolbar) I notice that the Database Access Column shows up with "Permit"

Can someone explain why this is different?? And what is the significance of the difference?

I have recently had a problem with this - when I granted permissions to a user group using the syntax above, I found that users could execute the stored proc fine, except when there was a join to a table in a different database (even though I had granted select permissions on the joined table to the same group in the other database.). When I removed the group from the list of users, and then added it back in through enterprise manager (which changed the database Access from "via group membership" to "Permit"), and then granted exec permissions on all of the procedures again (painstaking with a lot of procs...) the procs executed with no problems.

Thanks in advance for any help! Please let me know if you need me to clarify anything!