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    Unanswered: Command Buttons

    I need to create a command button to do about 3 tasks in order.

    So, what I need, is once I push the butting, it does the tasks in an order for instance:

    1. open form
    2. run command
    3. close form

    Is that possible? With macros I guess it is possible.

    When I create a new command button and the wizard comes up to give me a few choices for the command button – There is one option the wizard provides to open a form and to have the data linked with that form (for instance Customer ID with Invoice ID), but, that option is on the “on click” event of the command button – that gives me only the task 1 from the above 3 tasks and I cant get the other 2 tasks done…

    Anything I can do?

    Hope I’m not being too complicated.

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    docmd.openform "FormName"
    docmd.close acform,"FormName"

    Do it in Vb.

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