I produce Word documents, from data form DBF files. Because of complicated dependencies at first step I copy apropirate data into MS Access 97 database. I do it by connecting DBF-tables as external table and doing proper queries. All is coded as VB procedures in word document and I use Microsoft DAO 2.5/3.51 Compatibility Library.
All work well for a year, but last I broke the procedure while running.
Since than I get an 3051 error "file is in use by another user" for 1 specific file. Which is more interesting: for another set of files procedure still work good, I can connect this file by hand wihout any error, I can cut a pice of code that connect this DB-file and run it without error.
The DB-files are on novell server and I can only read from it.

Do anybody know where information about locking files, is stored, and how to reset them.