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    Unanswered: internal cpoy in oracle from tabel to tables after sqlldr import

    im working on sqlloader.. i want it to imported 2 txt files into a temp table and then (copy) the info into the "real" table(s)

    importing them from the txt files into the temp table is no problem..

    my problem is :

    The import/copy from the temp table to the "real" tables

    the info im copying from the txt files is user info like "phone numbers + street name + email + land" that kinda stuff

    some of the users info is allready in the table, so that info i only wanna update, others are new users and they woudt have to be created from scratch..

    hm.. i think thats about it..

    i hope you guys can see what i mean..


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    btw. the oracle version is ""
    dunno if it matters

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