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    Question Unanswered: Create a table using query

    Is there any way that I can create a table base on a query?

    Or is there any way to fill in an pre-define empty table with data I got from running the query?

    Thanks a lot for helping!!!!

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    You can specify what type of a query to create up on the toolbar... (it is the button to the left of the red exclamation point button)... select the Make-Table type and you'll be prompted for the table name. Include the data fields you need in the query, and a table will be created for you with those when you run it.

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    In addition to your second question, if you use the "Append" query type, you will be able to fill an already existing empty table with the records you selected.
    This sometimes works better because when using MakeTable you have no control over the field-types in your result table. Access decides for you, and you may not always like the result.


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