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    Unanswered: migrating Sybase System 11 to 12.5 ASE ODBC drivers

    I'm trying to upgrade ODBC drivers from System 11 to ASE 12.5. I have several existing DSNs and Access/Excel queries created using the old ODBC driver. However I can not get these queries to work with the 12.5 driver, even after recreating the DSNs.

    Does anyone know of a way to "migrate" these DSNs to use the new driver without having to manually recreate each one?

    How do I get my existing Access/Excel queries to work with the new driver?

    The applications crash whenever I try to edit/view my sql statements or view linked tables. The only way I can get this to work is to recreate both the DSN and query(ies) with ASE 12.5 ODBC - that is basically everything.

    I'm at a loss - Sybase doesn't give a clear indication of an ODBC upgrade path from 11.9x to 12.x.

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    paste the following to a file.reg and modify it according to your needs
    (the driver row) Description ..


    "Description"="Sybase on TEST04"
    "OptimizePrepare"="1 - Partial"
    "SelectMethod"="0 - Cursor"

    possibly you will need to modify the HKLM/software/odbc/odbc.ini odbc datasource entry appropiately

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    Thanks for the info! This worked great for Access!
    This does a few quirky things: while it allows a relatively smooth transition in Access (linked tables remain intact); Excel and the ODBC Manager don't fare as well.
    Since the DSN parameters are embedded in the workbook - the server (SRVR) field has changed for the Sybase 12.x driver where now it looks for network address (NA). For some reason Excel refuses to work even with the registry fix when it included both entries from the old and new formats.
    The ODBC Manager fails to display the settings for the 11 driver.
    "Could not load translator or setup library"
    This is most likely caused by the System 11 key not properly pointing to the correct .dll. This should be relatively easy to correct.

    Right now probably I'm going to keep the 11 driver with the new 12.x OpenClient and ODBC driver. Slowly migrate any desktop apps that use the old driver to the new, this will involve quite a bit of work to change everything over. Unfortunately I haven't any other "elegant" way of doing this.

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