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    Unanswered: Can some 1 Draw me up A Data flow diagram

    Can some 1 Draw me up A Data flow diagram please. I am very confused when trying to produce it myself, and i have a deadline in the next few days i would be very greatfull if some 1 could assist me. My email is

    Here is the system i wish to make a DFD about

    Description of the current system

    After each building job is completed the supervisor at that particular job fills in a job sheet. On this job sheet the following data is written in by hand;
    o Date of work
    o Customer name and address of where work was carried out
    o The type of job it was, for example council work
    o The description of work done and its price
    o Grant reference type and number
    This job sheet is then passed onto the sectary, because after each piece of work the customer needs to be invoiced.

    To make the invoice the secretary opens a file named Invoice template in Excel and firstly types in the invoice number. The invoice number needs to follow the previous invoice number (of the previously made invoice). The date the invoice is made is then typed in. The address of where the work is carried out is then typed in; this is copied off the job sheet. The type of job is then typed into the invoice, from the job sheet; the type of job is one of 4 possible types.

    The description of the work is then copied up from the job sheet and typed in on the invoice. The description is looked up on a separate price list where the price is looked up and typed on the invoice.

    The price list contains a list of descriptions along with its associated price. But as building work involves flexible work there is a possibility that a certain job may not be on the price list, so any price, which is not on the list, is taken to the manager who quotes a price.

    Once the list of descriptions and price for the work is compiled the secretary uses a calculator to add prices of the work to give a net total. The cost of the VAT is then worked out by multiplying the net total by 0.175 and it is then added onto the net total to give a final total.

    The invoice is then printed and signed. Once each invoice is completed it is posted to the client. After the file is saved, as Invoice followed by the invoice number.

    The secretary then opens a excel document named sales invoices and then logs in the following data from the invoice with the assistance of copying from the Invoice template document, and then pasting it on the sales invoices document. The following data is copied and pasted.
    o Grant number
    o Invoice number
    o Invoice date
    o Customer name and address of where work was carried out
    o Total cost of work
    o VAT
    o Net Value
    The sales invoices spreadsheet exists as it keeps a record of all the invoices.

    After the secretary opens a document called Vat sales ledger, yet again they have to copy and paste the information from the Invoice template document. The data which needs to be copied and pasted is as follows.
    o Invoice number
    o Invoice date
    o Customer name and address of where work was carried out
    o Total
    o Total VAT
    o Net

    This document Vat sales ledger is compiled every 4 months and is sent off to the H&M Customs and Excise.

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    I agree with mrabrams

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