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    Unanswered: Availability of data entered via a form in a form.


    I am developing a database for competence management. Two of the tables are called TblCompetencies and TblCategories. I want to add records through forms. Therefore, I have made two forms AddCompetencies and AddCategories based on these two tables.
    When I want to add a competency for which no category exists yet, I click the button Add a New Category in the AddCompetencies form, which opens the AddCategories form.
    My problem is that a newly entered category, using this button, is not available as one of the choices in the Category Combo-box in the AddCompetencies form. This forces me to quit the AddCompetencies form and reopen it, or add the new category before I open the AddCompentencies form.
    I am looking to a solution that makes the newly entered category immediately available upon returning to the AddCompetencies form,
    without blanking out the information already entered.
    I am adding the database, with only the relevant tables and forms, so that you can see what I have done so far.
    Please first replace the extension txt by mdb.
    I am working in XP Pro with Office Pro.

    I am looking forward to your reactions. Regards,
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    On the AfterUpdate of the AddCompetencies form:


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