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    Unanswered: SQLXML2 sql:use-cdata problem


    I'm experiencing problem while trying to switch on sql:use-cdata in a SQLXML2 mapping schema.

    Here are more details :

    I'm using :
    - W2K server
    - SQLXML2
    - IIS5
    - a mapping schema (question.xsd)
    - a template file performing a basic XPath query against this schema (question.xml)
    - IE6 for testing the template.

    (My case is very similar to the SQL Books online example with Northwind and customer / orders example)

    When I do not use sql:use-cdata="1" in my schema, everything works fine.

    When I try to use sql:use-cdata="1" (because users may insert malformed HTML tags...) the result becomes unrelevant.

    Any clue ?
    Any similar problems ?
    Might the problem come from bad NULL handling in my tables ?

    (If anyone has some time to spend on it, I include in this post all the details, see, please read archive_content.txt first)

    Sorry for bad english, Thanks
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