Hi all,

I am using SQL 2000 Full text Search utlity for searching .
what i did was i created Fulltext catalog and populated the fulltext field with the searchable data . In ASP page what i did was i provided a screen in which user can type the search key words and search the database .

Now what i need to know is whether there is any option like
not contains is available in SQL server. I am not sure about that .
But i have written stored procedure like given below. It is working
but i want to know whether this is optimized one and i want to know if any one of u have used the same in ur applications.

AND , OR condition :

Select * From <Table_name > where

Contains(Table_column_name, "Mcad" or "MCP")

Only for NOT Condition:

not contains(Table_column_name, "MCAD")

Can anyone help me in this or advice in this ?