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    Arrow Unanswered: Canīt connect to MySql Server

    I try to connect to mysql but this send me a error
    "canīt connect to mysql server on IP address, check if mysql is running in ip address on port 3306

    My client is W/me and the server are W/NT 4.0

    I try to connect by dns (myODBC) but the error is the " Lost connection"
    and later the error is "Canīt connect to MySql Serever on 'IP address' (10061)"

    Plesae Help me

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    its a longshot, but do u by any chance have a fire wall that blocks the 3306 port... i know i had the same problem when i set up my fire wall for the first time.... try to see if there is any configuration needed to be done in order for the fire wall to allow connection via port 3306....

    hope that this helps a bit.
    best of luck.

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    Angry try this...

    start mysqld (or safe_mysqld) with this param
    that should help connecting a client to a remote mysql server easily.

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