I'm having problems with linking to an external Foxpro DBF files. After I moved (inherited) to a Win 2K box at work, I've been getting errors that I didn't before when using Win 98. When I use Access 2000 I get this error "...table not in expected format.." whenever I try to link to a external DBF, unlike before (Win 98) I could do this without setting up a local DSN. The BIG problems start when I use SQL Server 2K.
I'm working on a project that needs to import/tranform these DBF's daily, but since I've moved to Win 2K everytime I try to set up the import via Enterprise Manager, there is one table that crashes the MMC. This happens on my local machine and also when I try to set it up on the server (which is a Win 2k box). My co-worker still runs Win 98 and of course it doesn't crash his. Works fine!!

This is really starting to cause problems and is holding up the completion of a well needed project (importing daily web orders) and everything that I've found about updating DBF drivers, service packs, etc. doesn't help. Going back to Win 98 will not solve the problem since the server will have to run this import daily.

Would there be a glitch or something that is causing Win 2K to freak out or would it in SQL Server instead? Should I (gulp!) reinstall?

Any sites, newsgroups, etc that may lead to a solution, or any "work arounds" that will get a DBF into SQL Server (quick!) be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help.