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    Unanswered: querying a table

    I have a table that has a field with an image type. When I try to query the table and include that field QA will lock up. If I exclude the field it works fine. I have moved the table to another server and it works fine. This is only a recent problem, so no changes to the server that I am aware of have taken place. Any ideas? Thanks

    I am using SQL 7, Windows 2000

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    I would try an select DATALENGTH(image_field_name)

    If it works it could be just an client problem, I would verify your query does NOT works on an different client.

    If it does not work, I would guess you have an data storage/file storage problem.

    Try doing a DBCC UPDATEUSAGE to see if it shows problems.

    If no help please lookup the DBCC CHECKDB command in BOL. It can take an very long time to run. DO NOT RUN CHECKDB IF YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT DOES AFTER READING BOL!

    Tim S
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