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    Lightbulb Unanswered: onbar -r -w -p erroring out


    I'm executing onbar -r -w -p, I recieve the following messages in my bar_activity log.

    ERROR: Unable to write restore data to the database server: could not fork server connection.

    and also,

    ERROR: Unable to write restore data to the database server: not enough memory.

    Please if anyone has seen this type of error or has some knowledge on this, do help.


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    The IFMX databaseserver could not initialize the
    shared memory, so the onbar process is unable
    to talk to the databaseserver (could not fork server connection).

    So you need to ensure that the IFMX databaseserver is
    able to initialize the shared-memory.
    Make sure that your sqlhosts entries are correct and
    that you have appropriate entries in /etc/services.
    Also make sure that no shared-memory-segments,
    message queues or semaphores are still allocated from
    this informix instance (ipcs -mopb | grep informix).

    You want to do an 'onbar -r -w -p', so I guess that you are
    not interested in any data that might still exist.
    Before doing the restore try to initialize your databaseserver
    with "oninit -ivy". In order to do that you might need to
    customize your onconfig-file (i.e. physdbs -> rootdbs,
    reduze physsize and logsize/logfiles so that they fit in
    the initial rootdbs space).
    I guess that "oninit -ivy" will fail. So check your 'online.log'
    for any messages and fix the problems.
    If you are able to initialize the databaseserver, re-change your
    onconfig-parameters and try the restore again. This time it
    shoudl work.

    Best regards

    IT-Consulting Herber

    Download the IFMX Database-Monitor for free at:

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