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    Question Unanswered: Microsoft ADO data control

    I am using an ADO data control in Visual Basic 6.0 to connect to a Microsoft Access database. I click on the Connection String property of the ADO data control, then click on the elipsis to build the connection. In the General tab, I click the Use Connection String option button. Then I click Build. From the Provider tab, I select Microsoft Jet 3.51 OLE DB Provider, then click next. Here is where the trouble begins. In the Connection tab, when I browse and select my Microsoft Access database (which was built using Visual Basic's Visual Data Manager), I get the following error: "Login Failed. Catalog information cannot be retrieved." This happens as soon as I click on the database. I am not able to test the connection. I have to do an end task to get out of the error message. If I type the location of the Microsoft Access database instead of browsing to it, I am able to test the connection. The test says it succeeded, however after I click ok, I again get the same error message. What am I doing wrong?

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    Several things to consider:

    If it's an Access 2000 database, choose Jet 4.0 - if it's Access 97, then you're okay with 3.51 - I just saw that you built it with VB, but it still may be worthwhile to check the Jet version.

    Another possibility is that the database itself may be corrupted. It probably needs to be compacted/repaired. If you don't have Access installed, then you can send it to someone who does. If you do have Access, you may want to consider recreating the database in Access, bypassing the Visual Data Manager.

    I hope you find a solution.


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