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    Post Unanswered: Analysis Services Cube Measures showing #ERR


    We have a MS OLAP Cube using 10 dimensions and 1 fact table with measures as COUNT and DISTINCT COUNT.

    When we processed the cube using Analysis Services, it was done but all the measures are showing #ERR as values. The cube is about 650MB in size and all the joins between Dimension and Fact tables seem to be OK.

    What could be the possible reasons of getting #ERR in measures? Do all the datatypes and length of JOIN columns between dimension and fact HAVE TO BE the same????

    Please provide any inputs as this is very urgent.

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    id assume its some division by 0 error

    id assume its some division by 0 error

    you can deal with this by replacing a Zero with a NULL in whatever field you use as a denominator. (the bottom half of division-- i hope that was the right word)
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