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    Unanswered: msde # of users allowed.

    i have a questions concerning msde 2000.

    1- how many user can access an msde database at one time?
    (some resources say 5 some sau unlimited.)

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    I believe it is 10

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    You can find complete information here:
    MSDE 2000
    here is an excerpt from this page:
    MSDE 2000 is a local data engine that can be shared. It has a managed concurrency workload governor that limits up to five concurrent batch workloads for optimal performance. Commands and log entries are available to monitor instances where more than five workloads are executed concurrently, a situation that can cause slower performance even on well-tuned systems. As more batch workloads are submitted beyond the five-workload limit, the concurrency governor continues to slow down the system. These workloads are not dropped or lost; they are still processed, but in an increasingly degraded performance mode. If your solution must support more than five concurrent workloads, it is highly recommended that you migrate to SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition for optimal performance at this higher level of scalability.
    Hope this helps

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    in laymans terms

    MSDE 1.0 (SQL 7) had a governor on the # of connections.

    MSDE 2.0 (SQL 2k) just has a governor on concurrent processes.

    so with MSDE 2.0, you can have 25 connections that stay open all the time-- and it works like a charm.

    with MSDE 1.0, you would be going really slowly.

    if you're asking 'is this the right solution for me'

    i think that the answer is yes.

    but you'll have to give us more information about your project before we can come to the correct diagnosis.
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