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    Angry Unanswered: Opendatasource

    I'm trying to use OPENDATASOURCE in t-sql to update data on our AS/400 from MSSQL but don't know the property value for provider_name. Please help!!!

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    "Control Panel"\"Administrative Tools"\"Data Sources(ODBC)"
    Select a tab "File DSN", click "Add..", select server and click "Advanced".
    Now you see sub-driver for ODBC (MSDASQL)

    For MS SQL Server in MS SQL Server
    select *
    from OpenRowset('MSDASQL', 'Driver={SQL Server};Server=MyServer;User=MyUser','select * from sysobjects')

    I do not have A/400 driver installed, that is why I cannot test this for A/400.

    Good luck !

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    my diagnosis

    my diagnosis is the your transactional properties of your neural defilibrator is going to require that you just replace the AS400 with SQL Server.

    you better get to work.
    Access 2002 ADP Rocks my World

    Long live SQL Server and 64bit Windows!!!

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