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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Disable Button

    .....MS ACCESS XP (2002).....

    Any ideas on how to disable a button after you click it?

    We have a program we use to upload data. It is on multiple disks. This first button is attached to a macro that appends the old data from the previous day to an archive table in a back end database. Then it uploads the first disk. The secvond button just uploads additional disks.

    Sometimes, people click the first button for and additional disk and it appends the data to the backup and deletes it from the local table.

    I just want to disable that one button after its clicked and then re-enable it after the form is closed.

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    set the onclick function to set something else on the form as gotfocus (ie
    Command2.SetFocus) and then do
    buttonname.enabled = false

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