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    Unhappy Unanswered: listener-thread: err = -25572

    I am having problems when trying to create one link with one database of another machine. I create in onconfig line NETTYPE soctcp, 1, 32, NET. Low the bank, and when initiating it generates the seginte message:
    listener-thread: err = -25572: oserr = 99: errstr = : Network driver cannot bind a name to the port.

    I am twirling RH to 7,3 and informix 9.30. In case that the message is half confused, it is that I am not fluente in English.

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    Do you want to upgrade?

    Check your sqlhosts file in $INFORMIXDIR/etc to see what port you defined for your tcp/ip connection (last column is the port).
    This err message indicates that your port number is probably in use by another application.

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