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    I am working on a program for Human Relation Department, but I'm a little stuck on how to store the time an employee enters the program for in and out. Example: when an employee comes to work they got to enter the Emp ID so the system can tell the time when he got in to work and the same when hes out for lunch and out for the day. I just need to clear more my vision so if anyone can help me I'll be very happy.


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    I am not sure whether you wish to find out how to store the time value, or you are attempting to track the time employees log in and out.

    On some event triggered by the log in/out, use something similiar to pass a time value to a bound control (probably a text box). Or you can pass the time value directly to a table.

    Dim strTime As String
    strTime = Time
    Me.YourControlName = strTime

    Likely you need to set up a seperate table for the time values.
    You will need a means of distinguishing between Log In and Log Out.
    And you probably need to include the date.

    If you are going to usethese values for arithmatic calculations (such as determining how long an employee has been working), then you need to look up or create some string conversion functions to get the time into an appropriate numeric format.


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