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    Unhappy Unanswered: Access takes forever to save report

    This is about the third time I have run in to this problem, and I have not been able to find a fix. I open an Access report in design view, make a few changes, then try to save. When I press save the hourglass appears and Access seems to freeze. I've waited, at times, an hour before terminating the program. Sometimes Access will sit still for an extremely long time before completing the save, other times it will not save at all. This only happens on some, not all, reports.

    Using Save or SaveAs makes no difference. The problem persists after compacting/reparing the database. I've tried importing the report into a completely new .mdb file, but met with the same problem. I've also tried creating a new report, copying my SQL and text boxes to the new report, but still have the same problem on save.

    This has happened on three reports so far: one had a number of subreports, the other two were just basic reports with a few text boxes. I am running Access 2000 with SP1a, and have experienced this problem on Windows 2000 and 98. I am using split databases in a networked environment, but experience this problem even when the mdb file I'm working in is saved locally.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know a solution or what might be causing this?

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    This is really a wild guess, but I am wondering if you are having some memory issues.

    Windows 98 was/is notorius for leaving applications open, though Windows 2000 versions are much improved. Check your hardware. You may also check your application and make sure all created/opened objects are being explicitedly closed. For example, if you create a recordset:

    Dim rs as recordset
    Set rs = Me.recordset

    Go the extra step to remove it when finished.

    Set rs = nothing

    Access is supposed to do this, but Microsoft's marketing is sometimes more cutting edge than their technology.


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