Hi, I am a VB developer. Right now, I am using Betrieve API to access the btr file and I got some problem.
I don’t know how to use UDT in Visual Basic to depict decimal field in BTR file?
For example, in the Invent.btr(This btr file come from business vision), the definition of fields is following:

(Field, Data Type, Size, Precision, Scale)
I use the UDT below in Visual Basic:

Public Type InvFull_Fld
I_WHSE As String * 2
I_PART_NO As String * 15
I_DESCRIPTION As String * 40
I_Filler1 As String * 16
I_Filler2 As String * 967 ' total 1048
End Type

Note I use double data type to depict I_COST_CURRENT field, this field is a decimal(15,5,8) field (here 15 is precision , 5 is scale, and the betrieve size is 8). but when I use this UDT to get the record with Betrieve API, the result is wrong, for example, actually the original data is 0.00000 , and what I got is 6.98350748929955E-251. I have no ideal how to depict COBOL Decimal Comp-3(precision, scale,betrieve size) . Here is the following (9,0,5) (11,0,6) (17,5,9) (11,2,6) (3,0,2) (13,5,7) (7,0,4)