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    Exclamation Unanswered: DCount, Select Query, Report

    Please bear with my elementary understanding of databasing. Here is what I have:

    I have a table called CHILDINFO, and I am running a select query called NCA to extract information between certain dates. That query works just fine. I am building a report based on this select query. Here are some fields and sample date of the NCA query on which my report is based:

    2/3/02-------F-----------8--------African American

    In the report, I want to count the number of males based on the select query. I understand that I need to use a DCount, but I get the #Error when I use the following statement. I think it has something to do with NCA because I can use this DCount statement on my CHILDINFO table without any problems.

    =DCount("[GENDER]", "NCA", "[GENDER] = 'M'")

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    I have a table called CHILDINFO
    =DCount("[GENDER]", "NCA", "[GENDER] = 'M'")
    Your DCount statement is looking for a table called NCA. Is this the name of your query????

    Why use Dcount when you could use a query to return this information?

    You could assign a if statement to your original query. In a field type if ([Gender]="M",1.0) and then run another query to return the sum of the 1.

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