Re: Networking "bugs". Accessing files placed in my index by the Office Manager in another city causes formatting problems and frequently "locks" my computer. Is sometimes remedied by shutting down and restarting, but sometimes requiring assistance by our technician. It's frustrating and causes many hours of wasted time while the computer is "down" and the technician is too busy to make a service call to our ofice. Then he uses his "magic "and gets the computer up again and reports to the boss that there's nothing wrong with the computer, in effect making me the problem. Point the "blame" at me for doing something, but never able to tell me WHAT I'm doing wrong. The Office Manager in another city resents my reporting that the problems occur when I am using the files she inserts in my index. Further, she always uses CGTimes font and most of the time when I attempt to use a file with her "CG TIMES" format, it cannot be viewed correctly on the screen -- portions of the text are so tiny I can hardly read it but other portions of it appear to be normal. I must reformat every file from our offsite branch before I can confidently use them on my computer. This has been going on for nearly a year and I am ready to "throw in the towel" -- no one seems to know how to eliminate this problem. HELP!