I'm trying to use FileMaker Pro 6 for a contact management solution. I'm planning to send email directly from the database perhaps with the assistance of a third party client. However, here's my current question.

I have a field named Phone 1 and it's a pop-up list. I wish to create some kind of script to search the value of that field and append the appropriate text string like so.

Phone 1& "@"
if (Phone Carrier = "AT&T" text address = "mobile.att.net")

I know this isn't correct, but it will at least show you what I'm trying to achieve. So the field text address would be equal to the value of phone 1@mobile.att.net accoring to the above example.

I would like to have this choose from a variety of the choices from the pop-up list and write the text string value appropriately:

AT&T = phone 1@mobile.att.net
Sprint = phone1@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Cingular = phone 1@messaging.sprintpcs.com

You get the idea. Can anyone assist me? I know this is probably insanely simple, but coming from a business man, it's not exactly my bag, if will.

Thanks in advance