I am using 3.23.55 ver and I enabled InnoDB type executable server.
The following Create tables create table Product but not Label table that has the foriegn key - why?

executeUpdate ( con, "CREATE TABLE Product" +
"(Product_Num VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL," +
"INDEX prodNum_ind (Product_Num)," +
"Sticker_type VARCHAR(50) NULL," +

executeUpdate ( con, "CREATE TABLE Label" +
"(LabelId INT NOT NULL ," +
"Product_Num VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL," +
"INDEX prodNum_ind (Product_Num),"
"FOREIGN KEY (Product_Num) REFERENCES Product (Product_Num) ON DELETE SET NULL," +

removing the foriegn key creates the Label table.

I tried using the following:
executeUpdate ( con, "Alter Table Label ADD Constraints objectfk1 FOREIGN KEY (Product_Num) REFERENCES Product(Product_Num) ON DELETE SET NULL");

but still the table was not created.
What do I do wrong?
Please advise