Does anyone have Oracle Lite file based replication WORKING example.
There is an example in <ORACLE_HOME>/Mobile/Sdk/Examples/Consolidator/opentransport/Floppy, but it doen't work. This example consists of 2 programs: fdtrans.exe (source code in VC++) and FdSession.class (source code in java). I ran fdtrans.exe and press "Send" to save changes in Oracle Lite DB into file. Then I ran java oracle.lite.sync.FdSession to apply changes into Oracle DB and save changes in Oracle DB into another file. At this step I recieve java run-time error: java.lang.NullPointerException
at oracle.lite.sync.Consolidator$Server.newConnection (
at oracle.lite.sync.Consolidator$O8Server.newConnecti on(
at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.executeA(HeliosSess
at oracle.lite.sync.HeliosSession.<init>(HeliosSessio
at oracle.lite.sync.FdSession.main(

I'll appreciate any ideas about what's wrong .