Hi all

I need help with LWP::UserAgent module. I have a page that requires a login n password bfore entering and has a field displayed like a form with a submit and reset button. On submit the page takes the data from the multiple choice fields as chosen by the user and returns an generated excel file that pops up.

Now i need to do this whole process through a perl script. I managed to get till the page..authenticate myself and read the various fields etc etc but somehow dont know how to specify which fields to select from each box and the return the excel content on submit . It somehow keeps givin an error and is array returned is empty and no excel file pops up.

Hope you understand what im trying to do...please help me as to what is done and how in thse sort of problems. what am i doing wrong?
Any code/samples wud be gr8 help...thnxxxx!

to refresh i need to do the following:
1.Goto a password protected page-(managed to do)
2. Choose required fields from multiple selection field types..???Some fileds more than one value has to be selected
3. Press the submit button to retrieve the pop up excel file..???
4. Everything needs to be done thru perl and dont eed to see any process except the last final excel file

Puhllezzzzeee helpppp..asap..