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    Unanswered: Table outside scrollable area in relationship view

    Hi, I have tables with fields datatype lookup wizard. In relationship view, Access put doubles of the tables accessed by lookup wizard, but some are outside the scrollable area. Now when I made some other changes in tables, one of my former tables went up outside scrollable area. I tried to search archives without result. Maybe someone has a hint.



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    Lightbulb Perhaps

    Upping your screen resolution may help perhaps?
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    No, I tried resolution already. But I got htis from Microsoft:

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    Subject: Re: Showing Tables in Relationship View
    From: "Sandra Daigle" <> Sent: 3/17/2003 4:01:06 PM

    You can solve this by deleting the table that 'fell off' the relationship
    view. Since you can't see the table to select it, click on one of the
    visible tables. Now using the tab key, slowly tab through the tables, when
    you can no longer see the table with the focus, you'll know you have one of
    the hidden ones selected (sounds strange I know). Hit the delete key. This
    deletes it from the layout but leaves the relationship intact. Now add the
    table back to the layout and repeat for any other missing tables.

    This entire problem is caused when you open a table for design from the
    relationships window, then make and save design changes. I *think* the
    problem was fixed in one of the SPs but I can't recall which.

    Sandra Daigle
    [Microsoft Access MVP]
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