My company has developed a program that uses SQL server 7/MSDE. The first thing we do after install is add users then restore a blank database. We haven't had any major prolems with the proccess until now. A customer has installed the program and after the database is restored they cannnot login to the database. In Enterprise manager the database is marked as loading. Trying to restore the database from enterprise manager produces the following error, SQL-DMO(ODBC SqlState:HY000) The log file for database 'Dbasename' is corrupt. I have droped the database created a new and tried to restore and continue to get this error. I have uninstalled SQL, removed all major entries from the registry pertaining to SQL ,Deleted all physical files and folders,Shut Down, and Reinstalled and still receive this error. I have received this error once while seting up a new development machine. The only way I got past the error then was to reformat the machine. This is not an option on a customers Server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.