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    Unanswered: Connecting through DAO in VB to MySQL

    I have an activeX dll that is used for connecting to an Access DB. I need to update it to connect to a MySQL DB preferably with a DSN Less connection. It is using DAO right now to connect and I don't want to have to migrate it to ADO. Can someone give me some examples of how to connect to MySQL? Here is the code it is using now:

    Dim oDB As Database
    Dim oRecs As Recordset

    Set oDB = OpenDatabase(szDb)

    Set GetRecords = oDB.OpenRecordset(szQuery)

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    You can find a dll (MyVbQl.dll) in the link below

    It will help to resolve your MySql Vb connection....and it is free!!

    Hope in this help

    Gianni Spano

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