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    Unanswered: if sintaxis

    Can someone tell me how to do the following line:
    SUM(IF(dept = "Development", 1,0)) AS `Development`
    using postgresql sintaxis

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    Can you describe your query a little bit more? Are you actually just trying to group the sums by department or are you looking to use a conditional within your query?

    Specifically what is this supposed to be doing:
    IF(dept = "Development", 1,0) ?

    If you just want to sum up your rows by department just do a sum on the dept and group by dept.

    If you want to use a conditional check the postgres docs for the CASE function. If you describe your question in more depth I may be able to help a bit more as well.

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    Re: if sintaxis

    The CASE construct will do the job:
    SUM(CASE dept WHEN 'Development' then 1 else 0 end) AS Development

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    Thanks a lot.

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