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    Unanswered: Facing problem in restoring online backup -IMP


    Iam facing a critical problem in restoring online backup. Anybody pls help me in getting my DB up again.

    Anybody pls look into the steps which i followed and the errors which i faced and give me the solution for this.

    1. I have created a online backup for database dbsample using Control Center.
    2. Bcoz of some other prb, i deleted the database dbsample which for i've the back up.
    3. I created a new database in the same name.
    create database dbsample
    4. db2 restore database dbsample from c:\ without rolling forward.
    It says this error message.
    SQL2537N Roll-forward is required following the Restore.
    5. Then i tried this command
    db2 restore database dbsample from c:\
    6. Then i created the table space containers. by executing the batch file called restore.cmd
    7. then i tried this command
    db2 restore database dbsample continue
    8. db2 rollforward database dbsample to end of logs and stop
    SQL1268N Roll-forward recovery stopped due to error "1" while retrieving log
    file "S0002533.LOG" for database "dbsample" on node "0".
    9. I tried rollforward command with timestamp also.
    rollforward database dbsample to 2003-03-18-
    SQL1274N The database "DBSAMPLE" requires roll-forward recovery and the point-in-time must be to the end of logs.

    10. rollforward database dbsample cancel
    SQL4975W Roll-forward operation was cancelled successfully. The database or selected table spaces have to be restored on node(s) "0".

    Also i tried connecting to the database getting this error.
    db2 connect to dbsample
    SQL1119N A connection to or activation of database "DBSAMPLE" cannot be made because a previous restore is incomplete. SQLSTATE=57019

    Any one pls look into my error and give me solution. Bcoz i have only .001 backup file none other than that i do not have .ddl and .ixf.

    I knew this is a discussion forum and i cannot ask u to give priority to this particular problem ..
    but...... If any one give me solution immediately.. It would be great... Thanks in advance..


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    I am facing the same problem.. Did you manage to solve it?. If so, if u dont mind, I'd like know how..


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    Can you pls send me the following details
    1. Timestamp of the backup
    2. Timestamp of the lost log file, leaving the online log files

    Originally posted by brat4
    I am facing the same problem.. Did you manage to solve it?. If so, if u dont mind, I'd like know how..


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    If you've lost the active log on the catalog, if indeed catalog is node0, then you might expect trouble. If this is a partitioned database, then there is a minimum point in time for recovery that you must rollforward to - that time must be specified in Coordinated Universal Time(CUT). What you can do is give the database an improbable time like last year, and it will come back and tell you what the minimum point in time in CUT is to rollforward to. If you have the logs to support that then you atleast have something. Copy out the log files to another directory - this is very imnportant as db2 does truncate the logfile after the rollforward operation is complete and then starts a new log sequence. You will be unable to go back if you need to. I would strongly recommend contacting IBM support.

    Online backups have a huge cost associated during recovery.

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