Hi - Just to explain

I have two tables A and B (many more in prod) B needs transforming and updating from A. Table A has detail on B (Kinda of an OLAP setup)

- So for a DTS Data diven Query Task i take a source query by doing a inner join of the two tables A and B and selecting all of A's detail that i need to transform. Fine so far

- My Bindings are fine - to the destination table
- I have activex transformation for each source and binding table. These
are tested and cool. The are updating and converting on A' Details Occcurance -> to a bit value like so

IF DTSSource("rmoption").value = "8" Then
DTSDestination("RO_PCR_Existing") = 1
DTSDestination("RO_PCR_Existing") = 0

End If

- And i am updating no problems
So No Errors

The drama's come when I was checking that my destination was updating with known substituded values.
No such luck, it was as if the source was never matching the destinations PK. Because there were other values being updated first.

***So I updated all the many detail values in table A so there could be no doubt about our transformation or source data not being found and hey it recognises it.

So may I say that the Source recordset so to speak isnt be parsed correctly or maybethere is some buffering issues during a phase. Or am I mental
If you need any more detail - please shout