Hi guys,

Need some recommendations from anyone with any information regarding database programs out there.

Any help would be greatly app.

I am working for a charity organization dealing with palliative care service. Thus, I have no money or little money to play with.

I am currently in search of a database program to run a tracking marketing database. The use of this databse will be mainly be for recording of personal data, personal attributes, activities and contributions from donors, patients and volunteers.

I am hoping for a database with the following features:
*At least 3 level of user security (some information maybe visible to one level but not to the next)
*Free or very cheap for a charity organization (in australia)
*Allows multiple access (4 simultanous accesses)
*Allows creation of forms or forms via menus
*Allows self moderation of the actual data (e.g change table structure, add rows, establish relationships and so on)
*It would also be good if this database works in compatible with other programs

I realize Ms Access satisfies a lot of the above except the security function. However, I was told that Access was being slowly eliminated and replaced by Ms SQL server. SQL server is simply way too pricey for my current situation. Plus, I also need to keep the future in mind.

Maybe, there is a program that can manage the database with the above functions running in conjunction with Ms Access's database or rbase?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Any recommendations would be very helpful!